Youth Leadership Workshop

The BWF Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop has been designed to allow 16-18 year old school students the opportunity gain experience in sports leadership and badminton through Shuttle Time. The award aims to provide students with the knowledge and support required to deliver fun, safe, enjoyable and inclusive badminton lessons to groups of school pupils.

Course Format– The Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop is broken down into a series of flexible and easy to deliver modules. The course can be delivered over a number of weeks, or over 2 full days.

Course Delivery– Teachers that have completed the 1-day Shuttle Time Teachers Course are eligible to deliver the Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop.

Certification– Students who complete the Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop will receive a certificate of attendance from the BWF.

Youth Leadership Workshop Modules

Core Module Content

No. Leadership Theme Shuttle Time Content Hours

Course Introduction

Key Attributes of a Youth Leader

Warm-Up Games 2

Managing and Assessing Risk

Planning a Sports Session

Grips and Grip Changes 2
3. Communication Skills

 Net and Lunge

Serve- Backhand and Forehand

4. Managing a Group Introduction to Overhead Strokes 2
5. Fair Play, Officiating and Volunteering in Sport Competition Formats 2
Additional Optional Modules
6. Organising and Running a Badminton Event


7. Plan and Deliver a Block of Badminton sessions