Badminton Blooms Through Shuttle Time in Myanmar

September 1, 2023

A Shuttle Time programme by Myanmar Badminton Federation has been beneficial in spreading the sport outside the capital city of Yangon with the help of nearly 300 teachers.

The programme, conducted over six days in September 2022, saw around 3000 students getting initiated into badminton through Shuttle Time. The activation was conducted in three places (Thinganchyun TTC, Hlegu TTC and Yankin TTC) and involved 285 teachers and observers.

The participating students, aged between 5 and 11, have continued to practice badminton even after the conclusion of the programme

In July 2023, two more Shuttle Time Teachers courses were delivered in Pathein City and Myaungmya. Around 250 university students of Physical Education attended these courses and were certified as Shuttle Time Teachers.

TThe accessibility of the Shuttle Time materials using the Shuttle Time Mobile App and videos clips interested the university students and made it easier for them to complete the course, as this was their first experience with badminton.