Engaging PE Teachers in Daugavpils, Latvia

October 16, 2023

Daugavpils is the only large city in Latvia with no badminton clubs. Latvian Badminton Federation has sought to raise awareness about badminton in this region among physical education (PE) teachers.

The project, implemented in August this year, saw the federation reaching out to about 30 PE teachers, of which 15 responded and were introduced to Shuttle Time. The reaction was positive, as the participants realised the possibilities of badminton during general sports classes in primary and secondary schooling.

The participants were sports teachers from several primary and secondary schools in Daugavpils. They learned the badminton basics and tips on how to approach children who had no previous experience of the game. Participants were enthusiastic and showed initiative, especially during practical exercises.

It is expected that these teachers will use badminton exercises during PE classes, thus increasing interest in badminton in Daugavpils.

Pauls Gureckis, Educator for Shuttle Time in Daugavpils, was thrilled with the response: “Badminton is an incredibly complex and demanding sport, but at the same time it’s also a fun activity and easy to start for beginners. The aim was to introduce sports teachers to fun activities related to badminton, for children. It was a success since we spent a good day together.”