Joyful Badminton Activities in Uganda to Celebrate World Badminton Day

August 1, 2023

An inclusive Shuttle Time activity conducted by Badminton Confederation of Africa in celebration of World Badminton Day turned into a joyful occasion, with several Para and specially-abled players partnering able-bodied players.

The activity, held in Kampala (Uganda) on 10 July 2023 – a few days after World Badminton Day on 5 July – saw 60 participants, of which 51 were Para players from various classes (Wheelchair, Standing Lower, Standing Upper, Short Stature), and children with physical and mental disability. The focus was on having fun through Shuttle Time. The participants (28 female, 32 male) were from five schools and three clubs.

In addition, players from countries such as Benin, Tunisia, Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique and Zambia who were competing at the Uganda Para Badminton International also participated in the activity.

Fun Competition

Five mixed teams, with each team comprising of able-bodied, Para, Special Olympics and hearing-impaired children, competed in six Friendly Challenges outlined in the Shuttle Time programme. The teams won points with each activity and the team that won the most points was declared winner.

The children had a great time, learning new activities and having fun at the same time. The activities were modified to ensure that no participant was left out.

Teachers were happy to see their students participating in activity alongside able-bodied children.

‘Working as a Team’

I was happy to participate in this activity,” said Uganda Para badminton player Mutesi Sumini. “It was fun and exciting. Through this activity, we worked as a team to support each other. We enjoyed this day without carrying any complexes. We hope to have more of this kind of special day which will bring us together and reinforce team spirit.”

Another player emphasised how moving it was to see disabled players such as herself play alongside able-bodied children.

It is the first time we participated in this kind of activity,” said Elisabeth Mwesigwa, Para badminton player from Uganda.

“To see the kids enjoying these games makes me happy as my objective is to help these disabled kids like me to know that they have a support, they are not alone and also help them to be confident. They need to know that they are able to do many things like able-bodied kids. The mixed teams is a very good concept. I saw during the game how the disabled kids can do more than they believe. Thank you to BCA and BWF for this happy day.”