Shuttle Time Reaches Public Locations and Schools in Suriname

July 10, 2023

The implementation of Shuttle Time at public locations and schools has driven interest in badminton in Suriname, with the Suriname Badminton Association reaching out to 461 children through the school programme.

Given that badminton has limited popularity or recognition in Suriname, the SBA has focussed on schools and public locations, particularly where badminton is not popular. Apart from the encouraging response among schoolchildren, the Shuttle Time team were also able to engage the interest of around 100 people by conducting the programme at public locations.

The project was first conducted on 3 September 2022, and has been held three more times, at four locations: Lelydrop Sports Complex, Cederboom School, Bernardorp and Nabawischool. Overall, the Shuttle Time project has been well received by participants, particularly children. Parents also were enthusiastic, and sought out suggestions on further development of badminton in their area. Some of the participants reached out to badminton clubs and are now active badminton players.

Suriname Badminton Association found that the key to engaging participants in Shuttle Time has been to explain the programme to all the stakeholders, exciting schools and neighbourhood communities. Schools without indoor halls have been creative in trying to engage children in a fun way. Shuttle Time has been successfully implemented at two schools and two public locations.

The Shuttle Time team is in contact with various neighborhood organisations and schools to take this project further. The possibility of including Shuttle Time in regular school programmes and the opening of new badminton clubs in large neighborhoods are also being examined.