Memorable 2022 for badminton in Guam

October 25, 2022

Having earmarked 2022 as a big year for badminton development, the Guam National Badminton Federation (GNBF) delivered its third Shuttle Time Teachers Course in October.

The goals for GNBF at the start of the year were:

  • Strategic implementation of Shuttle Time with delivery of Tutor Course and targeted training for physical education teachers from elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Increasing the number of student participation.
  • Opening the first badminton-specific indoor facility – the Guam Badminton Sports Center – to increase playing and lesson opportunities.

With a quarter of the year left, these have been successfully achieved and the ongoing collaboration with Special Olympics Guam has also brought valuable media interest, and as a result, promotion for the sport.

February’s Shuttle Time Tutors Course produced new qualified Tutors who put their skills into practice at two Teachers Courses in February and July.

Shuttle Time Guam National Coordinator & Tutor Joseph Devenecia said: “The initial set of teachers I trained with, particularly those in elementary schools, are consistent in their delivery of lessons. They are having as much fun as the students while including badminton as part of their physical education curriculum. Shuttle Time is making a difference in their ability to deliver fun lessons where all students have a positive experience learning to play badminton.”

The opening of the Sports Center has definitely made an impact – it has not only increased the population of adult casual players, it has also provided junior shuttlers the opportunity to take badminton lessons and a place to “hang out” after school.

For a relatively unknown sport, the facility has seen over 60 children register. They play three times a week.