Rio: Olympic Games Legacy Project

May 10, 2016

Since 2010,  the BWF has been working with  the Brazil national badminton federation (CBBd) on a range of development projects including Coach Education and Shuttle Time Schools Badminton. With the Olympic Games coming to the region, Shuttle Time has been used to enhance the  participation of badminton particularly in the Rio region.

In 2013 BWF initiated a Rio 2016 Legacy Project which has four key pillars:

  • Development – To use Shuttle Time as the key tool to increase participation of youth in the
  • Rio 2016 Legacy Programme – To make links with the Rio Olympic Games legacy goals.
  • Tournaments – To use tournaments to develop local skills and knowledge and to promote the
  • Experiences – To plan and deliver activities that engage the public and create awareness and a media buzz.

The aim  is to ensure a legacy through a) greater participation in the  sport, b) a larger and more skilled badminton workforce and c) a general awareness of badminton as an Olympic sport through media exposure.


Creative use of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time has  been the main tool to engage people in badminton – whether through structured courses, short “taster” sessions or public activations. It has been used to:

  • Systematically implement courses for physical education teachers in Rio schools – private and public.
  • Engage the community through public activations such as “Badminton in the Streets” project.
  • Promote the sport as an option in sports centres attached to favelas.
  • Support the Rio Legacy Programme through Shuttle Time at Rio 2016 Festivals and Olympic Villa activities.



Outcomes to Date

  • 18 Shuttle Time courses completed in Rio for physical education teachers
  • 400+ teachers trained
  • 13 “Badminton in the Streets” activations that used Shuttle Time activities for people to try out badminton for the  first time
  • 5000+ people trying out  badminton for the  first time using modified Shuttle Time activities in public engagement programmes
  • 14,000+ likes for the Rio Project Facebook page



“BWF has been working, in close partnership with the  Brazilian Badminton Federation, to leave a great  legacy of badminton through the Olympic Games. Shuttle Time has been used as a tool to raise awareness, interest and  strengthen the  development of badminton throughout Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, offering opportunities for children and  adults to practice badminton on beaches, in parks,  schools and  sports facilities. I’m sure  that badminton will continue developing even further in Brazil after the  Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”

Carlos  Nuzman, President of Brazilian  Olympic Committee