Nepal: Sports for Health, Sports for Nation

April 14, 2016

Shuttle Time Nepal programme which launched in March 2015 is managed by Badminton Australia in partnership with the Nepal Badminton Association. Technical support and assistance is provided by Badminton World Federation (BWF), Badminton Asia and Sport Matters; an Australian NGO specialising in sport for development.

Shuttle Time Nepal aims to use sport of badminton to promote social inclusion, peace-building and health in primary school children across Nepal. Badminton is a popular sport in Asia with a proud history in Nepal. Shuttle Time is an international schools badminton programme of the Badminton World Federation conducted in 101 countries around the world. With the support of the Australian Government, Shuttle Time Nepal will leave a lasting legacy for children, teachers and sports development in Nepal.


Creative use of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time Nepal promotes social inclusion through participation in badminton for women, girls and people with disabilities. We use sport and play to build resilience in children, promote peace-building and support ongoing efforts in basic education, sport education, disaster recovery and risk reduction. Beside that, we do believe by implementing Shuttle Time will also increase health-related behaviour  in children through regular physical activity. In the same time, by fostering people to people links between Nepal and Australia through sport, it builds the capacity of the Nepal Badminton Association to government, administer and grow sport participation in Nepal.

Outcomes to Date

Shuttle Time Nepal aims to reach over 500 primary school teachers across Nepal and through those teachers, we will deliver 12 weeks Shuttle Time programme that will reach over 20.000 primary schools children in more than 250 schools. The programme will also provide school badminton kits, teaching resources translated to Nepalese and training for 25 tutors across the five regions of Nepal.



“We believe that sports have the power to change. Shuttle Time Nepal aims to use badminton to promote social inclusion, peace-building and health among primary school children across Nepal and is expected to leave a lasting legacy for children, teachers, and for communities in Nepal.”

Jackie Lauff, CEO of Sport Matter