Shuttle Time El Salvador Goes Virtual

March 23, 2021

El Salvador is one of the Pan American countries that started the delivery of Shuttle Time Schools Programme back in 2014.

The teachers and children who experienced Shuttle Time activities for the first time had a positive impression of the programme as they are simple, fun and inclusive.

Since then, the El Salvador Badminton Federation (FESALBAD) has delivered more than 15 Shuttle Time courses and trained more than 200 teachers in the country of 6.42 million people.

With a strong collaboration via a signed MoU with the Ministries of Education and Sport, more than 12,000 students from 150 primary schools and over 1,350 students from 50 secondary schools have had their first experience of badminton through Shuttle Time.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federation has utilised the Shuttle Time Online Component to keep the momentum going, targeting professors and university students from the Physical Education Department of the Pedagogical University of El Salvador and National University of El Salvador in the cities of San Salvador and San Miguel. The idea behind this initiative is to train new PE teachers and students so that Shuttle Time can reach more children from low-income schools.

A virtual meeting was organised for the participants prior to the course to share key information and guidelines to complete the Shuttle Time Online Component. A total of 40 participants completed the Shuttle Time Online Component and then attended the Shuttle Time Teacher (reduced face-to-face) course delivered by BWF Shuttle Time Tutor Rene Alfonso Madrid.

Shuttle Time Online Component Shuttle Time course (reduce face-to-face)
Batch 1 27 November 2020 23 January 2021
Batch 2 24 February – 04 March 2021 06 March 2021

All the participants passed the course and were certified BWF Shuttle Time Teachers.

They were then requested to submit project proposals to the Shuttle Time National Coordinator of El Salvador Jesús Antonio Ardón Murillo on how they would implement Shuttle Time activities in their schools and municipalities.

This is to ensure certified Shuttle Time Teachers are actively delivering Shuttle Time activities and giving opportunities to students to experience badminton as a fun, enjoyable and inclusive sport.