Shuttle Time Meets AirBadminton

April 9, 2021

The year 2020 has been challenging as the COVID-19 pandemic affected different aspects of life. However, it did not stop Ivory Coast Badminton Federation (FIBAD) from restarting the Shuttle Time programme in 2021.

Led by Shuttle Time National Coordinator Kouame Koffi Stephane, a Refresher course was delivered to the existing Shuttle Time Teacher workforce on 13 March at Palais de Sports de Treichville in Abidjan. The main focus of the course was to review the key objectives and establish a plan to get Shuttle Time activities started for the year.

On top of that, AirBadminton was introduced throughout the course to educate teachers about the new outdoor game and how it can be incorporated into the Shuttle Time activities. The lack of indoor facilities means AirBadminton is a quick win for teachers to provide opportunities and promote badminton through Shuttle Time at schools.

The characteristics of the AirShuttle (minimally impacted by the wind, durable and cost effective) enable teachers to be creative and effective in delivering badminton lessons outdoor. More than 100 children from the age of eight to 17 had their first experience playing with the AirShuttle and the feedback was positive.

One of the children said: “We are able to play longer in the open and it’s fun.”

With the positive outcome of this initiative, FIBAD is looking to continue promoting Shuttle Time and AirBadminton in tandem and organise demonstrations in different schools and public spaces such as parks and beaches.

“It’s a discovery for us, AirBadminton will fluidify the game in our schools which don’t have a room”. – Arnaud Gasa (Chair of the Journalists of Sports Radios of Ivory Coast)

“We hope you’ll allow other children inland to know AirBadminton, which is a solution for lack of indoor facilities.” – Yapi Pepin (National Olympic Committee of Ivory Coast Technical Adviser)

“The children came out of this day happy because despite the presence of wind, they were able to practice their passion in the open air. We will rely on Airbadminton to boost the activities of Shuttle Time.” – Zolobé Honoré (FIBAD President of Ivory Coast)