Badminton Asia Kicks Off Capacity-Building Courses

April 2, 2018

Last March 2018, Badminton Asia had organized an Administration and Event Course in conjunction with the Leaders Meeting (Development). In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This is a Pilot Project and a point of entry for the higher-level courses that runs at the Continental Confederation level.

More than 25 participants from 17 countries attended the course and the outcome was fantastic. The sessions was demanding, but full of joy and participants were getting along despite having language barrier. It was a great opportunity to create interest some of the related topics such as Introduction of Stakeholders, Membership, Organizational Development & Administration and Sport & Player Development.

Working in teams, the participants exerted their best efforts in the design stage. The facilitators made themselves available to the groups for consultation.


“I am really thankful to BAC and BWF for conducting this useful course. It was a wonderful to meet all participants from different countries, so I can say that courses like this bring better understanding and more unity among federations!”

– Khursheda Abdulhak, Tajikistan

“I have learnt the importance of timely implementation and setting measurable goals. Further the players pathway seems interesting and would like to learn further. Lecturer was talented to get entire group involved. We gathered knowledge and enjoyed it all. Thanks to BAC and BWF.’’

– Clarence Homer, Secretary General, Sri Lanka Badminton.