Nauru All Set to Shuttle Up

March 18, 2020

Do not let the speckle on the map deceive you, Nauru is fuelled by enthusiasm as the Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Programme is about to take the tiny island nation by storm.

Located North East of Australia and in extreme close proximity to the equator, Nauru is home to roughly 10,000 people and has only 30km of roads circling it.

Nauru on World Map (Credit: Google Map)

The nation has a rich history in weightlifting – its 10 Commonwealth Games gold medals a testament to that.

Now, the Nauru Badminton Association (NBA) is eager to see an increase in people picking up a racket after reactivating its membership with Badminton Oceania towards the end of 2019.

A member since 1992, Nauru had been inactive until it formed a board to oversee the development of badminton in the country.

Nauru Badminton newly elected board members.

After formally registering with the Nauru Olympic Committee and prioritising capacity building, NBA delivered a Shuttle Time Teacher course in February for 15 leaders who will take the sessions into their local schools and communities.

Compared to its neighbouring islands in the Pacific, Nauru boasts a stronger sporting infrastructure and has greater potential for the development of badminton across its communities.

Badminton Oceania Regional Development Officer Kum On Tarawa says: “It’s incredible to see how quickly badminton has taken off in such a short space of time.

“The Shuttle Time resources and equipment have made it easier to equip our leaders with the skills and knowledge to introduce badminton to the people.”

This is a start of an exciting journey for badminton in Nauru, where the small yet passionate workforce is thrilled to see more rackets in more hands.