Shuttle Time Activation in Saint Lucia

March 15, 2024

A Shuttle Time activation in Saint Lucia for PE teachers saw 10 participants certified as Shuttle Time Teachers and two as Shuttle Time Tutors. The activation was held 6-9 November 2023 at the Vigie Sports Complex and was part of a rollout intended for primary and infant schools in four districts of Saint Lucia in 2023-2024.

This exercise, held in Castries, was supported by the Pan Am Badminton Confederation (BPAC), which engaged a senior BWF-certified Tutor to facilitate the session. The Ministry of Education provided oversight technical assistance in selection of schools and PE teachers for exercise.

The activation was a follow-up to a pilot project undertaken by Saint Lucia National Badminton Association to orient five primary and infant schools in the Castries Basin under the BWF Shuttle Time for Schools programme during the last school term of 2022-2023.

The overall aim of the rollout is to introduce students at an early age to badminton, and to expose them to a relatively new sport while they are developing their physical abilities. The students will be taken through the activity during their PE classes and after school.