Shuttle Time Teacher Course in Bulgaria

October 20, 2023

The Shuttle Time Teacher Course was first implemented in Bulgaria in 2022. Over two years, Shuttle Time in Bulgaria helped train more than 400 PE and sports teachers in the intricacies of badminton, and these teachers in turn inspired an increasing number of students to play badminton.

The Bulgarian Badminton Federation focused on big cities and regional cities to which teachers can easily travel and participate in the course. The federation organised one almost every month, with different cities and towns playing host. The focus for 2024 will be cities where badminton is not popular.

Boost Through Foundation

A foundation named ‘Lead by Example’ became the main sponsor of the Shuttle Time programme for Bulgaria by contributing nearly EUR 7500. The focus of the programme is to promote badminton as an engaging and accessible sport for students of all ages. The foundation contributes by donating school badminton sets. The donation will enable more than 1200 children from 75 schools in 23 cities in Bulgaria to practice badminton and develop their sports skills.

One of the key missions of the foundation is the support of Bulgarian sport. Thanks to projects like Shuttle Time, the foundation invests in the development of PE and an active sports culture among adolescents.

Translated Resources

National Shuttle Time Coordinator Miroslav Petrov says: “Since 2021 all racket sports are part of the PE subject at schools in Bulgaria. The teachers are very happy that we release resources translated in Bulgarian. In Bulgaria badminton is suitable for school venues. The most popular indoor sports are basketball and volleyball, so the venues are also suitable for badminton. Bulgarian Badminton Federation noticed that after implementation of Shuttle Time programme in Bulgaria, the Students Badminton Games have much more participation from schools and kids than earlier.”

What’s Ahead

Bulgarian Badminton Federation plans to print and to distribute for free Shuttle Time resources translated in Bulgarian and send them to as many schools as possible.

Shuttle Time resources are now translated in Bulgarian as the 28th language.