Ukraine’s Strong Start in Youth Leadership

November 9, 2023

Ukraine joined the Shuttle Time Youth Leadership workshop for the first time with 72 students taking part. 

The three-day workshop (22-24 September 2023) was held at the Smerichka health and sports complex of the Prykarpattia National University (village Mykulychyn). While there is a war ongoing in Ukraine, the students were safe from rocket attacks and air raids as the classes were held in a mountainous region.

Creating New Leaders 

The purpose of the event was to lay the foundation for a generation of future young leaders capable of further developing sports in the country.  

The 72 participants (all first-year students aged 16-18) of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, showed great enthusiasm in trying to understand badminton as a sport. Some students were shy at first, but they were given the necessary support to confidently participate in the activity. The organisers were teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education of the Ternopil National Pedagogical University, certified tutors Andriy Ognisty, Kateryna Ognista, and Roman Vlasyuk, a certified badminton teacher under the Shuttle Time programme.  

The Shuttle Time Coordinator was Ohnystyi Andrii, Ph.D in Physical Education and Sports, and Associate Professor at the university. 

Influence of Shuttle Time 

The seminar was held under the slogan “Give every child a chance to play for life”. The workshop was conducted according to the guidelines outlined in the Shuttle Time manuals, with an emphasis on the educational component, which allowed for effective interaction between all workshop participants.  

Identifying and educating new youth leaders and promoting the education and training of young children to play badminton were the goals set by the organisers, seeking to build a solid foundation for the future and ensure the growth of badminton in the sports community of Ukraine.  


The event had a positive impact, motivating students to continue playing badminton, and helping attract more people to the sport. 

These leaders have been trained to become knowledge bearers and disseminators, thus strengthening the badminton community in Ukraine.