Shuttle Time Debuts in Cayman Islands

February 7, 2024

Shuttle Time broke new ground in November 2023, with its introduction in the Cayman Islands.

Thirty children – 18 male and 12 female – aged between eight and 11 participated in the programme held by Cayman Islands Badminton Association. Badminton coaching was introduced in a systematic way to students who had never played the sport previously.

Donald Calloo, Shuttle Time National Coordinator with the association, said: “This was our first Shuttle Time programme since our certification as Shuttle Time coaches. We wanted to practice our new skills as well as explore new ways of delivery and to observe how the group of children reacted to being introduced to the game — in some instances, for the first time; in other instances, being coached for the first time.

The activity was conducted on 12 November 2023 at Clifton Hunter School.

Inspired by this implementation, the association plans to have a Shuttle Time programme running in all schools in the Cayman Islands, with the goal of facilitating the transition of players to the international level.

“The programme was well received,” said Calloo. “Teachers felt enlightened by the systematic approach to teaching the skills of the game. Parents seems interested in further attendance and the newly certified coaches were excited to deliver Shuttle Time for the first time.

“As coordinator for the Island, I am already thinking of new ways to improve on our delivery of the programme along with more marketing strategies to involve a larger number of schools.”