Shuttle Time Country Logo

June 13, 2016

The Badminton World Federation is pleased to announce the development and provision of new Shuttle Time Country Logos.

More than 100 BWF Member Associations are now making use of the Shuttle Time Programme, and it’s  various resources, a milestone that has been reached through good partnership working and collaboration between the BWF, 5 CC’s and Member Associations. With so many countries utilizing the programme, it is important for the BWF to maintain the global identity of Shuttle Time. This can be evidenced through the consistent look and feel of the 17 language versions of the Teachers Manual and Lesson Plans.

The BWF recognizes the fine balance, and importance of Member Associations being part of a global BWF project, while also having the ability to self-promote, and give Shuttle Time its own national identity. A key factor in maintaining the global identity of Shuttle Time, is consistency. With that in mind, the BWF have supported the design of National Shuttle Time logos, which can be used by MA’s to promote the programme within their own country.