Ethiopia: Systematic Implementation in Challenging Environments

January 15, 2017

The Ethiopian Badminton Federation (EBF), based in Addis Ababa, works regionally with volunteer badminton associations to develop badminton nationally. The EBF first expressed interest in Shuttle Time in late 2012. The EBF recognised the many benefits of badminton becoming established as a school sport and the positive long-term impact a school-based programme would have.

Creative use of Shuttle Time

The Shuttle Time Programme was developed by BWF to support, encourage and increase participation of badminton in schools globally. When investigating their readiness to implement Shuttle Time, the EBF identified several logistical challenges which could impact on the success of the project at a national level. These challenges included:

• Lack of regional staff to deliver teacher training courses

• Limited equipment in schools

• Shortage of indoor sports facilities

• Lack of funding to organise and deliver courses for teachers

• Limited experience of national monitoring and reporting


In 2013 the BWF, Badminton Africa and the EBF started to systematically plan the implementation of Shuttle Time. The plan focused on the following areas:

• Forming Shuttle Time partnerships with the Ministry of Education and Sports

• Identifying and training a regional Shuttle Time workforce

• Organising Shuttle Time courses for teachers on a regional basis

• Distributing badminton equipment to schools

• Establishing a monitoring and evaluation system to measure project success

This first Shuttle Time activity was delivered in Addis Ababa and focused on the training of tutors from regions across Ethiopia. Tutors from seven regions attended the three day course, with some travelling for as many as two days to attend.

Following the course, and armed with new skills and knowledge and badminton kits, the tutors began the process of introducing
Shuttle Time regionally.


Outcomes to Date

• Teacher courses delivered in five regions; Addis Ababa, Awasa, Deredewa, Tigray and South Region

• 100+ teachers trained and accessing Shuttle Time resources

• 1000 pieces of badminton equipment supplied to schools

• 3000+ children experiencing badminton for the first time

• Comprehensive monitoring system in place

The Shuttle Time Programme continues to expand in Ethiopia, and will benefit from the provision of additional equipment in

2016 to support the second phase of implementation in new regions of the country.


The Shuttle Time Programme has provided an excellent platform for the growth of badminton in Ethiopia. Through careful planning and co-ordination, it has been possible for us to maximize the impact of the programme, reaching five regions and more than 3000 children. Our aim now is to expand Shuttle Time into new regions and provide even more opportunities for teachers and children to experience badminton.”

Dagmawit Girmay-Berhane, President Ethiopian Badminton Federation | IOC MemberEthiopia: Systematic implementation in challenging environments