Badminton Movement in Norway Universities

May 15, 2023

Enthused by the response to Shuttle Time, Badminton Norway is reaching out to several universities in the country to implement the Shuttle Time University course.

The target is to reach every student in the country who aims to become a PE teacher, thereby enabling the further spread of badminton.

The focus on the university programme is due to the interest in badminton in Norwegian schools over the last two years. Shuttle Time Norway is therefore working directly with schools to make the university course a part of the school programme, enabling the familiarisation of the course to every potential PE teacher.

The first university that took up the programme was the Østfold University in Halden; to reach out to every student within the PE programme, four courses of Shuttle Time were required to be taught, so that they could be implemented during the spring, when practical sessions are conducted in schools around the area.

Given the positive response it has received, Badminton Norway has now reached out to six more universities.

The interest began with a Shuttle Time Teacher course in Halden, with the school expressing interest in the programme to reach out to a greater number of children. The university course in Halden enabled Shuttle Time Norway to reach out to at least 400 children in a year. The goal is to continue this with other universities and get a “badminton movement” going, so that badminton can become a sport for everyone.