Benin Celebrates First Shuttle Time Day

August 30, 2019

The BWF Shuttle Time Schools programme is now being implemented in 137 countries around the world.

One of the more recent Shuttle Time country, Benin, celebrated its first National Shuttle Time Day in Countou last month.

The objective was to promote Shuttle Time and AirBadminton to different parts of the city.

More than 200 children took part in the activities along with more than 20 local club presidents, parents and certified Shuttle Time teachers.

Participants engaged in a variety of activities and competitions testing balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy.

Children having lots of fun during the Shuttle Time Day.

With badminton facilities limited in Benin and most parts of Africa, AirBadminton poses to be a successful pathway to participation. AirBadminton was a key part of the activities in Countou and participants were excited to try out the new outdoor game.

Martinien Gnidé, President of Association Omnisports Alliance, told BWF: “I’m happy that the Benin Badminton Federation organised this national day because it brings badminton closer to the population through the Shuttle Time programme.”

“And with the discovery of AirBadminton it shows that badminton will be practised even more in a few years with great popularity like football.”

Dominique Anadi, a parent who participated in the activities, said: “I congratulate Benin Badminton for organising this day.

“The resources provided by the BWF are based on scientific principles and make it attractive and accessible to all.

“With AirBadminton, it will allow us to practise badminton everywhere and easily in the open air. Most importantly it can be practised by all age groups and abilities.”

Shuttle Time activity focused on balancing.

Benin Badminton announced that Shuttle Time Day will be back next year as they continue to encourage greater participation for children of all abilities.

BWF would like to thank Benin Shuttle Time Coordinator, Narcisse Deyo, and BCA Regional Development Officer, Bokpe Bernardin, for making the event possible.