BWF Shuttle Time & Women in Badminton Summit

September 3, 2018

Last July, the Shuttle Time Teacher Course was part of the agenda in the 2nd Women in Badminton Summit 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  There were a total of thirteen (13) energetic and visionary women from twelve different member associations who excellently took part in the two-day course. The profile of attendees was vast; there were physical education teachers, sports coaches, Badminton players as well as national federation coordinators and administrators.

Badminton Asia aims to empower women in the field of sports and through the Shuttle Time initiative and this can be done through present Badminton as a school sport to children and the youth in different nations. Although the event was held in a hotel conference room where there was no badminton court, the participants’ enthusiasm to learn showed that lack of facility was never a hindrance. From the brainstorming activities to the creation of modified rackets and shuttlecock, the ladies exuded brilliance and exceptional teamwork.

The course gave emphasis on how to transfer basic Badminton knowledge to children, youth and students in general in the safest and most enjoyable way. Practical activities and various hands-on sessions were given as group tasks to allow the participants to spearhead Shuttle Time activities.

The teacher course concluded positively as it motivated the participants to return to their immediate workplaces and community with a strong and passionate desire to give every child a chance to play through the Shuttle Time Program. It is foreseen to be very apt for the communities of the member associations since the whole Shuttle Time program is very flexible and can be delivered even with the pressing concerns such as lack of facilities and/or related equipment.