Inter-School Badminton Championship (CIBAD-2018)

November 5, 2018

The Inter-School Badminton Championship of Haiti (CIBAD) gathered all the schools affiliated to the Federation Haitienne de Badminton (FEHBAD) since 2012. CIBAD is one of the most important juvenile competitions set up by the FEHBAD which gather more than 200 young players coming from different schools of Haiti every year.

The objective of CIBAD is to allow students to practice badminton outside of their school environment. This competition is an opportunity for young school players to promote their sporting skills. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for the federation to scout talented young players and provide them the support that they need to become professional players.

In the 2018 CIBAD, more than 150 students between 8 to 17 years old from 18 schools of Port-au-Prince participated in the competition. Majority of the students being introduced about badminton through the BWF Shuttle Time Schools programme in school. BWF Shuttle Time is the heart of developing badminton in Haiti and young school children grown fond of playing badminton.

The CIBAD had numerous positive feedback from schools officials, school children, parents and especially, the university centers- which interested in integrating the Shuttle Time programme. The competition also had attracted the country’s sport press which is a great way to promote badminton in the country.

“To make badminton the sport most practices in the Haitian School environment and to create other sports competitions to

allow these young players to show the general public their athletic abilities.”

– The motto of CIBAD and Shuttle Time Haiti