Italy: A Massive Increase in Kids Participation

November 7, 2016


The BWF Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Programme provides the national federations with a system, a set of tools and models to implement school badminton nationally. It also offers teachers around the world access to badminton teaching resources in 17 languages and the opportunity to undertake face-to-face training to develop the skills and knowledge to plan and deliver safe, fun and inclusive badminton activities in schools.

Two Shuttle Time Programmes were organized in September 2012, one for Education Coordinators and one for Education Teachers, in collaboration with the School of Sport of National Committee. During this first step the Shuttle Time programme was presented to the 30 students participating and part of these same students have participated at the Tutor’s Course, organized by Italian Badminton Federation (FIBa) with Badminton Europe’s (BE) support in terms of human and economic resources.

The aim are to implement badminton in primary schools and as university’s program, to increase the numbers of badminton teachers and registered players in Italy.

Creative use of Shuttle Time

The teachers who participated in the BWF Shuttle Time (Teacher Course) and coming from the same territorial has gathered and create a school group that affiliated to the FIBa. In the same time every teachers in that has been associated with a sport club that affiliated to the FIBa. Where they do badminton tutorial acvities in schools and open a free membership for the school kids.

Here, every schools that involved in the Shuttle Time Programme will receive 1 set badminton equipment. For university students, they will be provided with special training programme and the lesson held by a Shuttle Time Tutor.

Outcomes to Date

Human resources educated from 2013 to October 2015

  • Trainers BEC: 2
  • Tutors: 46 national + 4 BEC
  • Teachers: 1.720
  • Kids: 30.000++


  • about 500 Schools sets for TUTORS and Teachers
  • 6000 copies of the Manual of Shuttle Time in Italian and DVD with the videos


“Shuttle time is an innovative self-study training programme which is helping to develop and improve sport in primary schools in the best way. I’m very proud to see how the Italian Badminton Federation (FIBa) is supporting children, teachers and coaches to master new skills and friendship in a fun and healthy way. Their main goal is to bring Badminton in primary schools and the results are evident: the number of school memberships to FIBa has increased and new players are registering monthly throughout our Country. Congratulations to FIBa, which is working hard with the great support of  Badminton World Federation and Badminton Europe, and it is now part of a wordwide system. Surely they will achieve important results and the Shuttle Time programme will be spread in Italy. The Italian Badminton Federation, with its strong commitment to promote social values, is an example of what being an organisation part of the Olympic Committee means.”

Diana Bianchedi – General Coordinator Rome 2024 Committee


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