Shuttle Time Makes Paraguayans Creative

September 17, 2020

Paraguay Badminton Federation started 2020 with great plans to grow badminton in the country using the BWF Shuttle Time Schools Programme.

Promoting the sport at grassroots level involved organising more Shuttle Time courses and encouraging children to participate in various fun badminton games.

In February, the federation enrolled 60 students into a local sports school that started its badminton journey via Shuttle Time years ago. It marked a 50 per cent increase from last year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sport activities were then not allowed in the country. It changed the federation’s strategy; instead of delivering Shuttle Time courses face-to-face, online classes and a badminton-related social media campaign were initiated.

“Shuttle Time Homemade Badminton Racket” was successful in attracting the interest of Paraguay’s Shuttle Time community, adult and children alike. The mini-competition was for participants to make rackets using materials that can be found at home.

Throughout the campaign, the federation received plenty of homemade racket photos. Creativity was on show as wrappers, strainers and nylon stockings were among the materials used. Following a Facebook poll, the maker of the most creative racket won an official Paraguayan national team shirt.

Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Paraguay, Brahian Molinas, said: “Simple activities like these can physically and mentally help children and parents at home. We are happy with the tremendous support from the parents and also enthusiasm shown by the participating children. We will continue to initiate activities to improve children’s quality of life during this period of being homebound.”