Shuttle Time Wales Passport Book

March 5, 2019

In last September, Shuttle Time Wales and Badminton Wales introduced the new Shuttle Time Wales Passport Book.  The Passport Book is designed to track the progress of children that participated in the Shuttle Time activities.  In addition, the passport also allows Badminton Wales to analyse and check the quality of Shuttle Time being delivered by Shuttle Time Teachers and Tutors across Wales the country.

When a Shuttle Time children affiliate with Badminton Wales, they will receive a Shuttle Time t-shirt and a Shuttle Time Passport Book.

The Passport book is divided into four levels.

  • Level 1 includes all the skills within lessons 1-10
  • Level 2 includes all the skills within lessons 11-12
  • Level 3 includes all the skills within lessons 13-18
  • Level 4 includes all the skills within lessons 19-22

Each skill within the Passport Book has a description what needed to be achieved and when a child completes the skill competently, they will receive a Shuttle Time Wales sticker by the Shuttle Time Teacher/Tutor. Once a level is complete, they can contact the National Shuttle Time Coordinator in order to receive their certificate and iron the badge on their Shuttle Time t-shirt.

The introduction of the Passport Book has received great responses from both children and parents.  Children enjoy working towards the skills and receiving certificates and badges.  And the parents enjoy seeing the progress that their children are making.

“The new Shuttle Time Passport Book gives the children aims and goals to achieve within the programme.  It keeps them engaged and they love receiving the Shuttle Time stickers when they can competently complete a Shuttle Time Skills”.

– Angela Stevens, National Shuttle Time Coordinator for Wales.