Badminton Off and Running in Senegal

January 8, 2021

Despite only becoming a BWF Member Association in February 2020, Comite National de Promotion du Badminton Au Senegal (CNPB Senegal) delivered its first BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers courses in November and December 2020 to promote and develop the sport locally.

Being the host of the 2026 Youth Olympic Games, it is important to have young players represent the country in badminton and the first step towards that is to have a structured and strategic planning starting from grassroot development. This is where the BWF Shuttle Time Schools Programme presents itself as an important tool.

An opening ceremony held to introduce the BWF Shuttle Time Schools Programme was attended by the local authorities, including the Sport School Director and the Secretary General of the Senegal National Olympic Committee, showing their commitment and readiness to support the development of badminton alongside CNPB Senegal.

From 30 November to 4 December, a three-day BWF Shuttle Time Tutors Course and a two-day BWF Shuttle Time Teachers Course was delivered by BCA Development Officer, Bernadin Bokpe in Dakar. Both courses targeted male and female PE teachers, club badminton facilitators and Special Olympics facilitators. The courses attracted 34 participants from different regions of the country.

During the courses, all the participants showed high motivation and interest towards developing the sport using the Shuttle Time resources. At the end of the courses, 14 participants were certified as BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers.

Antoine Jean Joseph Diandy, President of CNPB Senegal:

“By launching the Shuttle Time Courses for tutors and teachers, BWF and the Badminton Confederation of Africa gave us the opportunity to popularise this sport throughout Senegal. This official launch followed by the two courses showed the Senegalese authorities the work that is being done to develop badminton at national level. Mr. Bernadin Bokpe has been able to transmit his charisma and knowledge to the tutors and teachers, who are the pioneers and remain the ambassadors of the badminton in Senegal. During the five days, teachers from the regions challenged each other to teach badminton in a fun way. We intend to give every child in Senegal the opportunity to practice. We thank BWF and BCA for the support and Senegal remains available for other training challenges.”