Badminton+ Shuttle Time Crowns Its School Champion in Spain

August 6, 2019

BWF’s novel relay scoring method was successfully used at the second edition of the Schools Spanish Championship, which was the culmination of the Badminton+ Shuttle Time programme conducted by Badminton Spain.

The final stage was a four-day competition in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, which saw 80 children from 16 schools take part. Antonio Machado Primary School from Burgos won the championship for the 2018-2019 school year.

The overall numbers were quite impressive, with 197 teams competing over four months through 32 stages. The final stage had four groups of four teams each. Team Ciudad de Columbia B (Madrid) were first in group A, Team Antonio Machado (Burgos) were first in group B, while Team Juan XXIII (Huesca) and Team Manuel Clemente (Moral de Calatrava) topped groups C and D. The top teams from each group then played against each other.

The team final was exciting with Team Antonio Machado (Burgos) overcoming Team Manuel Clemente (Moral de Calatrava) 150-141. Third place was won by Team Juan XXIII (Huesca).

Congratulation to all podium finishers.

The novelty of this edition was the implementation of BWF’s new ‘Team Relay’ scoring system which was introduced during the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last year. Thanks to the Team Relay, each player contributes points for the team’s scoreboard. This new scoring system was well received by players, teachers and parents and they supported their players during every rally.

The Awards Ceremony was a highlight, with Olympic champion and three-time world champion, Carolina Marin presented trophies, medals, certificate of diplomas and gifts to the players besides presents to the special guests. Maria José Rienda, Minister of Sports at High Sports Council, and the representatives of Toyota and MGS Insurances, the main supporters of the programme, were the special guests. Carolina Marin’s presence turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the players.

Up to now, Badminton+ Shuttle Time has involved the participation of 75 clubs, 648 schools and 63,432 children. The main objective of the programme is the inclusion of badminton as a tool of high value in the teaching-learning process of the Spanish education system. Badminton+ Shuttle Time covers a wide range of activities such as promotions, courses, e-learning platforms and festivals, under the motto ‘Badminton, Education & Health’. Badminton Spain is looking forward to growing the number of participating clubs, schools and children in the coming years.