BWF Shuttle Time Photography Grant

March 22, 2017

The BWF is pleased to offer Shuttle Time Photography Grants for Member Associations, which are intended to support the promotion of Shuttle Time globally.

Member Associations involved in the project will be asked to:

  • Hire a photographer for documentation purpose for Shuttle Time programme
  • Send us minimum 10 good quality photos of the programme along with the descriptions
  • Photograph the correct use of Shuttle Time Country Logo
  • Photograph the use of Shuttle Time manuals, website, mobile app and flyer
  • Deliver the Shuttle Time programme before October 2017
  • Teachers courses/children taking part in Shuttle Time programme

Selected countries will receive a grant of up to $300 USD for hiring a photographer. The Grants open only for National Badminton Federation, if you wish to apply please contact [email protected]

The submission deadline is 7th April 2017. Failure to respond by the specified deadline will automatically exclude you from involvement in the Grant.