Developing Young Leaders in Bolivia

August 1, 2023

A three-day Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop was held in Bolivia to lay the foundation for a generation of future young leaders who are capable of further developing the sport in the country.

The workshop, titled ‘Aprediendo A Enseñar Badminton’ or ‘Learning to Teach Badminton’ was held in the city of Sucre Chuquisaca, from 3-5 July 2023.

Motivating Young Minds

Twenty students aged between 16 and 17, from two schools (la Unidad Educativa Luis Boeto y la Unidad Educativa Guido Villagómez) participated, of whom a majority were female. Of the 20, 16 completed the workshop and received their certificates. The workshop was led by Cindy Avendaño Montes, National Coordinator of Bolivian Badminton Federation.

The students showed great enthusiasm in trying to understand badminton, a sport that is yet to gain widespread recognition in the country and the city of Sucre. Some students were shy at first, but they were given the necessary support so that they could participate with confidence. Organisers keenly observed the students looking for those with leadership qualities.

The delivery of the workshop followed the guidelines indicated in the Shuttle Time manuals, emphasising teaching, which allowed an effective interaction between all the participants.

At the end of the workshop, a small tournament was organised and prizes were awarded to the students. This excited the students and motivated them to continue training. Several joined the Sucre badminton team.

Force Multipliers

The approach was designed to identify and nurture new leaders, to strengthen the organisation and promote learning and preparation from an early age. In doing so, the federation sought to build a solid foundation for the future and ensure badminton’s growth in the sports community.

The federation’s stated mission is to promote the teaching of badminton in Bolivia through building new young leaders. These leaders, once trained in teaching, are likely to become multipliers of knowledge, acquiring skills to teach various activities and thus strengthening the badminton family in Bolivia.

Positive Impact

The event had a positive impact, motivating students to stay involved in badminton and attracting more people to the sport.

As one of them, student-athlete Araceli Liceras Taboada, said: “I liked it a lot. Badminton is a very inclusive sport; we could also learn Olympic values through badminton. I will continue trying to learn more and continue growing in Bolivia as an athlete, coach or technical officials. Thank you to the organisers for the initiative.”