Kiribati students upskill in Fiji to ‘give back’ to their country

April 9, 2021

Badminton Oceania regional development officer Kumon Tarawa recently delivered Shuttle Time teacher training to 18 i-Kiribati students studying at The University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji.

USP was looking for ways to engage its students and local Kiribati communities, who would later take their new skills home to deliver with Kiribati Badminton Federation.

The 18 students, part of the Kiribati Islands Students Association, were looking for an extracurricular activity during their pre-semester break. Collectively, they were looking for a sporting programme which would create more engagement with i-Kiribati students at USP, to be more involved in local i-Kiribati communities.

After accessing the Shuttle Time online component to assess their badminton knowledge, they started the practical sessions using the BWF Shuttle Time App.

Tarawa was part of the team leading the delivery, assisting the students in preparing session plans and practicing delivery to kids at the Vodafone Arena in Suva, a regular after-school programme delivered in collaboration with Fiji Badminton.

Delighted by the benefits of the programme, Bate Tiaeki Tioti (a second-year student at USP) said he looks forward to helping all walks of life benefit from the physical and mental aspects of Shuttle Time.

“Teaching Shuttle Time to my community will boost their health status as they will engage in more physical activities and will not spend most of their time doing nothing,” said Tioti.

“It will help them with mental health too as these activities relieve stress, especially during a global pandemic. Youngsters will also have a chance to develop and enhance their talents in sports. This will not only benefit their community but also their family and country.”

At the end of the training, the participants received their certificate of completion from BWF, along with VICTOR Shuttle Time kits supplied to USP to support continued delivery.