Ghana, First in Africa to Implement Shuttle Time University Course

May 7, 2021

Badminton Association of Ghana announced on 11 April 2021 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the University of Education’s (UoE) Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (HPERS) Department.

The MOU will establish and undertake cooperative programmes in the areas of badminton research, badminton university course, training, scholarships, technical and physical education for athletes and technical development in sport management and administration, which include the implementation of BWF’s Shuttle Time University Course.

The course had grown its popularity mainly in the Pan Am region, with 68 per cent of the courses delivered, followed by 29 per cent in Europe and three per cent in Asian regions. With the spurring growth of badminton, HPERS will be the first university in Africa to implement the course and is on the road to be globally accredited for the teaching of badminton at a university.

Following the announcement, Badminton Association of Ghana President Evans Yeboah said: “Our collaboration with UoE is another great step forward for Ghanaian badminton’s growth. This development is in line with our 2024 strategic growth of building partnerships with educational institutions. This MOU will not only promote educational research and sports development for Ghana badminton ecosystem but offers opportunities and access to the Shuttle Time University Course for the students at the university.”

The Shuttle Time University Course, on graduation, will offer two national and international certification to HPERS students. The federation will provide the knowledge and support required to deliver fun, safe, inclusive and enjoyable badminton lessons to students undertaking to teach physical education and sports-related courses at the university in Winneba.

The HPERS Head of Department, Dr Ernest Yeboah Acheampong commented: “This MOU brings together our expanding core values as a sports department of UoE. This partnership includes the exchange of expertise, programmes, training and helping our students with a leap ahead in research and sports management with a national sporting association. Already the BWF Research Grant is something we look forward to; some of our students identify themselves with badminton related research proposals. We are looking forward to working alongside Badminton Association of Ghana in this mammoth collaboration for our mutual benefit.”