Migrant Girls Get Badminton Exposure

October 14, 2021

Swiss Badminton launched a project in 2021 to integrate girls with migration backgrounds into badminton clubs in Switzerland, giving those aged between five and 15 years old a chance to  experience the sport at a club near them.

For this purpose, a series of badminton experiences take place at various badminton clubs during normal training hours with the coaches and girls of the respective clubs.

Together with the clubs, Swiss Badminton organises a badminton experience that could last up to two hours and is filled with a warm-up, which emphasises the similarities between the girls, and a team-building task intended to strengthen cohesion. This is followed by a short introduction to racket handling and a small “It’s Shuttle Time!” tournament.

Adapted to the girls’ needs, the tournament requires them to play in teams. The focus lies on “playing with each other” instead of playing against each other. In each case, a girl already at the badminton club is put into a team with a newbie in order to create the best possible experience, where they get to know not only the sport but also the girls and the coaches of the club.

Based on a survey organised by Swiss Badminton, many clubs report a lack of female participation. Swiss Badminton wants to support the clubs in attracting more girls to the trainings.

On the other hand, many girls in Switzerland are not involved in any sport and those with migration backgrounds are especially underrepresented. Swiss Badminton wants to give these girls the opportunity to find a club near them, meet new friends and move regularly. Badminton is very suitable for this, because it is easy to learn and promotes motor skills optimally.

“For this project, cooperation with the Shuttle Time project is inevitable. With the help of Shuttle Time, access for the girls can be facilitated. Many great exercises from the Shuttle Time were included and transformed into a great badminton experience.” –  Sabrina Mattle, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Switzerland