Shuttle Time Animation Promo Videos published

February 18, 2022

Recently, a series of Shuttle Time Animation Promo Videos were published with the aim of creating interest in the project across stakeholders and educating the public on the available resources and programmes.

Three videos were produced to illustrate Shuttle Time, its available resources and the pathway of the programme.

Video #1: What is Shuttle Time?

Shuttle Time offers schoolteachers access to free resources, training and equipment, which support the teaching of enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities to children between five to 15 years old. Lessons are designed to provide children with a positive sporting experience with the inclusion of opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success.

Video #2: What are the available free Shuttle Time resources?

The BWF Shuttle Time Schools Programme is made up of a series of free teaching resources, which include:

Shuttle Time resources are currently available in more than 20 languages and allow teachers with limited experience to introduce badminton skills, movements and tactics to pupils through a variety of fun games and activities. These ensure the pupils stay physically active throughout lessons.

Video #3: Shuttle Time’s Opportunities & Pathway

Shuttle Time provides various opportunities and pathways to teachers, students, university students and coaches.

All unique pathways offer knowledge and opportunities to individuals looking to be involved in the Shuttle Time programme with the aim of becoming a Physical Education teacher or a badminton coach.

Other existing videos:

The Shuttle Time Teachers Manual and Lesson Plans are complemented by 92 free instructional video clips.

These clips provide teachers with a clear picture of how activities in each of the 22 Lesson Plans can be set up and delivered.

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More information on Shuttle Time: