Shuttle Time Resources Expand to Azerbaijani, Mongolian Languages

December 15, 2021

BWF’s flagship Shuttle Time Schools Programme has educated 60,224 teachers globally from 163 countries.

Shuttle Time consists of a set of training resources, guidelines and programmes to implement badminton in schools in a systematic and sustainable way. It aims to make badminton one of the world’s most popular sports in schools.

Shuttle Time is not about training teachers to be badminton coaches. Instead, it develops knowledge, skills and confidence to ‘teach badminton’.

To achieve this goal, Shuttle Time resources have been translated into different languages and the latest available are Azerbaijani and Mongolian.

Shuttle Time Mongolian

Mongolian Badminton Association has been implementing Shuttle Time since 2013, with more than 21 courses delivered and over 800 teachers educated.

Shuttle Time Azerbaijani

Azerbaijan Badminton Federation joined the Shuttle Time family early this year. The federation has delivered more than 20 Shuttle Time courses and educated more than 440 teachers since.

With the support from the Azerbaijani National Olympic Committee, we can foresee a growth in the development of badminton from grassroot level in the country.

With the Shuttle Time resources available in 24 languages, we look forward to training more teachers, who can provide children with a positive image of badminton through many opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success.