Shuttle Time Best Practice Published!!

May 15, 2023

A compilation of Shuttle Time’s best implementations has been compiled and published, offering a concise reference guide for anyone interested in delivering the programme.

The 48-page booklet, which is illustrated with examples around the world, also has useful background information on Shuttle Time, implementation guidelines, and an overview of the resources and courses available.

Click to view the Shuttle Time Best Practice booklet.

Among the selected examples are Shuttle Time initiations in Papua New Guinea and Senegal; School Badminton Tournaments in UAE and Spain; Inclusivity programme in Uganda, Jordan and Switzerland; university courses in Chile and Argentina; youth leadership workshop in New Zealand, and online workshop in Australia, besides implementations in Wales, Fiji, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Scotland.

Fiji’s ‘Yasayasa Badminton Campaign’, for instance, roped in Fiji Rugby Development officers to activate ‘Backyard or Yasayasa Badminton’ which encouraged families to play badminton in the vicinity of their homes during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused a hit to daily life. One of the outcomes of this initiative was that families playing and having fun during lockdown helped families to deal with the isolating effects of the pandemic, aiding physical and mental health.

Scotland’s ‘Shuttle Time Big Hit Festivals’ engaged over 5000 children and young people during the week of the BWF World Championships in 2017, and the legacy plan continued after the event, engaging thousands more participants and training over 700 Young Leaders.

In Azerbaijan, a Shuttle Time Tour around the country aimed to introduce badminton to PE teachers in 14 districts, so that they could include badminton in their curriculum. Over 400 teachers were trained.

In Senegal, which is the host of the 2026 Youth Olympic Games, the national federation decided to take Shuttle Time to remote places to spread the sport. A roving ambassador provided additional motivation to tutors and teachers.

Switzerland’s interactive badminton experience called ‘Supergirls Play Badminton’, in cooperation with various clubs, was devised to reach out to girls – particularly from immigrant backgrounds – helping them make friends and integrating them into the local community. A total of 137 girls joined the initial event on 23 September 2021 and eventually joined local clubs.

As explained by BWF Development Chair David Cabello, “the purpose of bringing out this ‘Best Practice’ document is to highlight the various ways in which Shuttle Time has been used around the world. Whether it’s developing partnerships with local leisure centres in Wales, the ‘Yasayasa Badminton Campaign’ in Fiji by mobilising communities, training courses for Syrian refugees in Jordan, or the Big Hit festivals in Scotland, institutions and individuals have shown great flexibility in using Shuttle Time for their local needs.”

BWF President Poul-Erik Hoyer hailed the documentation of Best Practice, which, he said, would “provide ideas and solutions for institutions and individuals to seek to fine-tune their own strategies”.