Shuttle Time expanding Sri Lanka

June 1, 2024

A Shuttle Time rollout intended to propel badminton development in the southern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka saw the enthusiastic participation of 50 physical education teachers.

The activity aimed to equip PE teachers with the knowledge and resources to engage their students in schools. The implementation was conducted from 21 to 25 March, in the towns of Kanthale, Trinkomalee, Thaealama, Hiniduma and Neluwa.

The 50 participants included coordinators from district associations.

Signs of Growth

The south and eastern regions have shown great interest in badminton over the last decade, with the sport growing at the junior and amateur levels. This is attributed to constant engagement between the federation and municipal sports authorities, and effective coaching methods.

The Shuttle Time rollout was intended to supplement this growth of badminton. The resource personnel travelled around 1200 km in total to deliver these activities.

Course Content

The activity included introduction to Shuttle Time, understanding of the sport, and implementation of the activity at a basic level.

As badminton is still relatively new these regions, participants were enthusiastic about trying out the sport.