Shuttle Time in European 2017 U17 Championships

January 17, 2018

Last November, the Czech Badminton Federation hosted the 2017 European U17 Championships in Prague.  More than 290 players from all over Europe took part of the Team and Individual competitions – where spectators witnessed exciting games of the future stars of the sport.  The Czech Badminton Federation took this opportunity to implement a Shuttle Time Project and invited primary schools’ children to be a part and experience this exciting event.

The project involved 10 primary schools and approximately 750 children from the neighbourhood and closed regions of Prague. Throughout the project, a variety of fun and physical activities were organised to introduce badminton to the children.

One of the best part of their visit was when they had the opportunity to watch and cheer at the European U17 Championships. It was a remarkable experience for the children to experience a live competition for the first time. They were cheering and admiring the player in action from different countries – Denmark, England, France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Spain and others.

To conclude the event, the Shuttle Time Project was presented by the Czech Badminton Federation at the closing ceremony of the tournament. Plus, schools sets and mini badminton rackets were given out to the schools involved. Children also received poster with the signature of the 5th placed- Czech Republic U17 team as an encouragement.