Badminton for Everyone in Zimbabwe Through Shuttle Time

September 13, 2021

The Badminton Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) had the opportunity to conduct its first Shuttle Time Teachers Course since 2018 at the Leonard Cheshire Disability Centre (LCDC) from 12-13 August in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The event was graced by BAZ President Chipo Zumburani, Shuttle Time National Coordinator Paul Kopolo and other BAZ board members. The course was attended by 12 teachers from LCDCs across the country and another three teachers from local schools.

It is the vision of the BWF, and hence BAZ’s, to give every child a chance to play. BAZ strongly believes this is aligned to LCDC’s vision and therefore a good platform to form a partnership and create more opportunities for children and youth with disabilities to engage in physical activities recreationally as well as competitively.

The delivery of the first Shuttle Time Teachers Course at LCDC was to educate more teachers with the skills and knowledge to deliver fun, safe, enjoyable and inclusive badminton sessions to children. BAZ believes that increasing the number of well-trained teachers will lead to a more successful and sustainable project.

“Happy with this course, it’s an inclusive sport and it has all teaching tools ready for lessons,” commented one of the teachers who attended the course.

LCDC Executive Director Greaterman Chivandire said: “We received a very positive report from teachers who were part of the first Shuttle Time Teachers Course at LCDC. As an organisation, we are open to gestures that are meant to reach out and support people with disabilities.”