Another Caribbean Country Adopts Shuttle Time

August 17, 2021

Guadeloupe, a Caribbean nation of six inhabited islands with the population of approximately 395,700, has kick-started its journey to promote badminton in schools.

Joining fellow Caribbean countries implementing Shuttle Time such as Barbados, Aruba, Dominic Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe looks forward to developing badminton from the grassroot level using Shuttle Time.

Didier Nourry, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Guadeloupe and a certified BWF Shuttle Time Tutor, constructed a strategic plan to first build a strong teacher workforce, then introduce Shuttle Time lessons in schools.

These are some key actions the Guadeloupe Badminton Federation initiated at the beginning of the year:

  1. January-February: Establish relationship with local schools who already conduct badminton lessons and invite the teachers to be part of the Shuttle Time workforce.
  2. March: Shuttle Time lessons delivered in schools at three communes (Abymes, Pointe-à-Pitre & Petit-Bourg).
  3. 12 May: Meeting with identified primary schools.
  4. 14–30 June: Shuttle Time sessions delivered in primary schools at five communes (Gosier, Marie-Galante, Lamentin, Ste-Anne & Dugazon).

Currently, Shuttle Time sessions are delivered in seven schools:

  • Genie en herbe (Petit-Bourg commune)
  • Sports School Dugazon (Abymes commune)
  • Pasbeau (Marie-Galante commune)
  • Cotellon & Bourg (Marie-Galante commune)
  • UNSS (Lamentin commune)
  • Mare (Gosier commune)
  • Gallard (Gosier commune)

So far, Shuttle Time lessons have been delivered to more than 1,000 children aged 8-17 (300 girls, 700 boys).

The schools, teachers and children are happy and satisfied to discover a new Olympic sport. Some of the children want to become national players while others are looking for more materials/resources to continue the delivery of Shuttle Time lessons in schools. Sport directors at local schools have also expressed interest in having a partnership with the federation to ensure the sustainability of the programme.

Guadeloupe Badminton Federation is extremely pleased with the positive outcome of the project and opportunity to further develop badminton in the country. Ultimately, the federation’s goal is to have a badminton club in each town and produce more international class talent.

Didier Nourry, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Guadeloupe:

“Shuttle Time is reaching more and more children in different public and private schools. Teachers and sports educators are learning more and more that badminton is a practical and easy sport to teach.”