Badminton Growing Bigger In Argentina

March 5, 2018

During January 2018, a project called Municipal Colonies was carried out in the City of Buenos Aires promoted by the Argentina Federation of Badminton and the Secretary of Sports.  The project aimed to allow the Federations to develop workshops in the different neighbourhoods of the city.

More than 5,400 children between 6 and 12 years old participated in the project.  There was a total of six badminton workshops which were organised in Manuel Belgrano’ Park, Avellaneda Park, Chacabuco Park, Pomar Sport Center, Sarmiento and Colegiales Sport Center.

The project had positive feedback from the teachers, directors of the parks and the children about how nice and fun badminton is. Thus, the project has given authorities the opportunities and possibilities to collaborate with the National Federation in contributing badminton development programme to the neighbourhoods. Indirectly, the National Federation had the chance to broaden the scope of action and develop badminton in Argentina.

Let’s badminton grow popular in Argentina!