Shuttle Time Teacher Course in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

April 2, 2018

Last February, one of our Shuttle Time Teacher course in Xavier University was attended by more than 40 teacher-participants mostly from Mindanao which is one of the three major islands in Philippines.

During the first day course, participants were challenged to do tasks on understanding barriers affecting badminton in their areas. At the same time, group discussions were encouraged to brainstorm new ideas on strategy in managing large number of children and how to motivate kids to play badminton.

On the second day course, participants had to deliver and experience the activities in the lesson plan. 45-minute were given to the participants to assigned kids with lessons like how they are going to implement in their respective schools.

In the end, the participants were very optimistic and gained confidence that they can deliver the program to their students. Also, they like the flexibility and adaptability of the program to their current situation and culture.