Breaking down barriers in Bangladesh

November 16, 2021

Pre-Shuttle Time Schools Programme, with no indoor facilities and proper equipment at majority of Bangladeshi schools, organising badminton activities was a challenge.

But since Shuttle Time was introduced, the schools have found the right tool to overcome the challenge.

With the idea of “Lets play badminton when proper equipment is not available and promoting badminton as a healthy sport and lifestyle”, the President of Bangladesh Badminton Federation (BBF), Dr. Abdul Malek, has incorporated Shuttle Time as a priority into the strategic plan of BBF.

As a result, a total of 40 courses have been delivered and 1,230 certified as a Shuttle Time Teacher. An estimated 100,169 children (41,607 boys and 58,562 girls) also experienced badminton through Shuttle Time.

Badminton and Shuttle Time are becoming increasingly popular throughout the country as a healthy, accessible sport at schools. Badminton is currently one of the most popular sports in Bangladesh.

During the COVID-19 pandemic this year, BBF delivered its first Shuttle Time Teachers course in Gonipur Pilot Girls High School, Noakhali. Fourty-two teachers participated and were happy to learn the basics of badminton. All of them are committed to deliver badminton sessions back at their schools. BBF has provided equipment and school kits to assist them in delivering the sessions.

We have now more than 1,200 certified as Shuttle Time Teachers. From 2016 to 2021, BBF has identified and trained more and better-quality teachers to deliver and make Shuttle Time more accessible to all. From the beginning, BWF, Badminton Asia and CEO of Sports Matters Australia, Jackie Lauff have helped Bangladesh organise Shuttle Time Teacher and Tutor Courses to develop the workforce and grow badminton. Now Shuttle Time Lesson Plan and Teachers Manual are available in our language and the teachers are enjoying it. It is now one of fastest-growing sports in Bangladesh.” Nikhil Chandra Char, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Bangladesh