Slovakia uses Shuttle Time to promote badminton to the deaf

December 19, 2021

BWF Shuttle Time is a programme offering school teachers access to free resources, training and equipment which support the teaching of enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities to children aged 5-15.

Slovak Badminton Federation has implemented Shuttle Time since 2013 with more than 78 Shuttle Time Teacher Courses delivered and 1,314 teachers trained.

Due to the programme’s versatility and flexibility, Slovak Badminton Federation runs the “Shuttle Time Deaf Project” aimed at training teachers to educate children with hearing disability.

The idea is to revive schools and clubs of the deaf community that used to involve badminton to again show that it is a sport for all. The first project was delivered at schools for children with impaired communication skills and hearing impairments.

A one-day Shuttle Time Teacher Course was delivered on 26 October 2021 in Presov in eastern Slovakia by certified Shuttle Time Tutor Zuzana Rajdugová. Sixteen teachers from elementary and secondary schools educating children with impaired communication ability or hearing impairment participated. The participants included teachers with and without hearing disability.

The course also showed teachers and educators they do not have to be afraid to teach badminton lessons, even if they are not badminton coaches. During the course, they also had on-court practice sessions, trying out for themselves what children learn in physical and sports education classes. Put simply, the teachers experienced a day full of fun and badminton that motivated them to include the sport in their curriculum.

“The Slovak Badminton Federation is very happy that even during the COVID-19 pandemic it was able to organise Shuttle Time,” said Rajdugová, who is also Slovakia Badminton Federation General Secretary and National Coordinator of Slovakia.

This great initiative by the Slovak Badminton Federation to promote badminton as an inclusive sport for everyone using Shuttle Time as a tool gives every child a chance to play for life.