Primary Badminton Kicks Up a Racket

February 7, 2022

With the goal of getting badminton into primary schools in the deprived areas of Wales, Badminton Wales has been running a series of Shuttle Time sessions in the northern part of the country from last September.

Strict curbs around the COVID-19 pandemic the last two years mean children have had the opportunity to play badminton, as the sport can be practiced outdoors in a safe distance.

Led by development officer Dan Font, Badminton Wales implemented the Shuttle Time sessions targeting primary school children aged seven to 11.

Font delivered a couple of Shuttle Time sessions to 30 children in a school hall focusing on the 10 Starter Lessons, which include the general principles of badminton – grips and introduction to play at the net, frontcourt techniques and rallying, physical elements including coordination, stability and balance.

By the end of the 10 Starter Lessons, the children were enjoying rallying with basic grips, hitting from the net to the rearcourt and serving to start rallies.

With the positive experience of the children, the primary schools have now offered Shuttle Time as a regular activity in the curriculum.

“Kids and teachers love the sport and want to implement Shuttle Time in their schools and introduce after school clubs. This project has been a massive success for Wales,” said Font.