Launching Shuttle Time in Cyprus – The Early Stages

June 4, 2018

Throughout March till May 2018, Badminton Cyprus had delivered Shuttle Time courses to increase badminton awareness among Primary School Teachers and making badminton as one of the most popular sport in Cyprus Educational System.

The first steps of a four-year implementation plan started with delivering three Shuttle Time Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus. More than 70 teacher participated and familiarized with the Shuttle Time course content. The courses were beneficial as every teacher understand the ways to apply lessons in Primary School Environment.

More Shuttle Time activities coming soon throughout the 2018!

Some of the comments about the Implementation of Shuttle Time:

“We are still on an initial stage in respect to the implementation of Shuttle Time at Cyprus. Covering the needs of teachers should be our primary goal on this early stage. Having all these teachers on court really makes me very optimistic about the future of Badminton in Cyprus. I feel we are on the right track. “  – Efthymios Polydorou, President of Cyprus Badminton Federation

“After our first encounter and the experience we gained, we are in a position to further develop our plan and possibly include other activities beyond seminars so that we assure teachers’ involvement with badminton. (One of them to be a monthly teacher’s practice with club coaches’ guidance and a Teacher’s Tournament twice a year)” – Saber Afif, National Coach of Cyprus

“We would like to really thank CBF for such a thorough and fantastic organization. We had the best comments coming from our members participating the Shuttle Time seminar. We wish that other federations would follow your example.” – Socrates Philippides, Teacher’s Association Council Member