Shuttle Time Samoa: Opportunity for the Community in Savaia

July 2, 2018

July 2018 exactly marked one year since Samoa launched BWF Shuttle Time programme. BWF Shuttle Time had been an important role in Samoa badminton development and providing opportunities for teachers to learn about badminton and deliver it to the students in their regions. This had spread to Savaia, one of the village on the south-eastern coast of the major island of Upolu.

The Shuttle Time programme in Savaia had targeted the youth from the local church youth group aged 7 to 18 years old and had also incorporated some lifelong skills throughout the programme such as community pride & environmental awareness, responsibility, health awareness and fundraising.  The programme are delivered by qualified BWF Shuttle Time Tutors & Teachers. Now every day except Sunday, students from Savaia played badminton.

Students from Savaia are working towards to represent their school in the upcoming AIMS Games in New Zealand in September 2018 and be a part of the Badminton Oceania Player Development Programme.

Stay tune for their action!

Comment about the Shuttle Time activity in Savaia, Samoa:

“Badminton has been the key to bringing together our young ones every Saturday morning. As part of their community responsibility, the juniors actually look forward to picking up the plastic and other rubbish along the beach side prior to playing badminton. They understand the value of our natural environment and the need to protect it. The beach is the entry point to our Giant Clam marine reserve. This is a pride and joy for our village and we are very happy that our juniors also take pride in protecting and maintaining our pristine environment as part and parcel of being a team effort. Our government has called for a total ban in single use plastic bags, beginning of 2019. We are looking at this as another opportunity for our junior Badminton Team to engage in further activities that promote ‘refuse reuse recycle’ options.” –Selestina Reti, Shuttle Time Tutor