Membership Grant injects enthusiasm into Kiribati

May 24, 2022

Between September and December 2021, the Kiribati Badminton Federation (KBF) made good use of the BWF Membership Grant to expand the reach of the sport.

Its team of dedicated volunteers delivered these Shuttle Time and AirBadminton activities successfully:

  • Three Shuttle Time Teacher Courses saw 48 primary and secondary school teachers educated.
  • Shuttle Time Youth Leadership workshop saw 20 students/youths trained.
  • Nineteen schools were engaged and 500 participants joined the Shuttle Time activities, which included a primary school competition.
  • AirBadminton activations in five communities (Bangantebure, Betio, Bairiki, Nuka and Korobu) on Kiribati’s most populated island (60,000). About 200 participants experienced the outdoor game.

The BWF Membership Grant has allowed KBF to purchase equipment and deliver the activities, which have injected new enthusiasm for badminton in the country.

These activities help keep the sport popular at community clubs among people of all ages and abilities, with new members – including whole families – indulging in AirBadminton matches.

Kiribati Shuttle Time National Coordinator Toaki Arinoko Taburuea, who has been visiting communities and schools to assist with lessons on umpiring and rules of play, said: “Parents are happy their children can learn this game, and that equipment is provided.

“It’s also great to see the young and old play, it brings the community together.

“With the Youth Leadership workshop, young adults are encouraging their communities to pick up a racket. We have more requests for equipment and training sessions now.”