New Year, New Beginning for Shuttle Time Syria

June 4, 2021

On 17-18 May, Syria Arab Badminton Association (SABA) delivered ‘Shuttle Time Festival’ in the city of Damascus to motivate teachers and youth to be active not only physically, but also mentally during the pandemic.

The festival is a combination of Shuttle Time Teachers Course and Shuttle Time Mini Competition for children under the age of 11.

Shuttle Time Teacher course organised.

The first day started with the Teachers Course delivered to 25 participants by Mr Wasem Aldamad, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Syria. On the second day, the certified Shuttle Time Teachers assisted children during the Mini Competition, allowing them a chance to utilise the knowledge and skills they learnt during their Teachers Course. The children – 32 boys and girls – expectedly had fun and more importantly, positive experience of badminton throughout the competition.

Shuttle Time mini competition with children

SABA President Ms. Kholoud Bitar said: “It is part of the long-term strategy in Syria to spread the awareness and interest in the sport to children as young as possible, develop badminton across Syrian regions and help equip youngsters with badminton skills.”

SABA has been actively delivering Shuttle Time activities since the beginning of the year. A total of seven Shuttle Time Teachers Courses were delivered in four regions (Damascus, Homs, Alqunytira and Alhasakah), with more than 200 new certified teachers trained.

This brings the total to 960 Shuttle Time Teachers trained since 2014.