Shuttle Time for Bulgarian PE teachers

July 21, 2022

To make badminton popular among children in its country, the Bulgarian Badminton Federation (BBF) invited 32 Physical Education teachers to attend a course on 2-3 July at the Lycée Français Victor Hugo School in the capital city of Sofia.

Via the Shuttle Time Schools Programme, these teachers were introduced to the sport using free materials – guides and videos – to help them deliver lessons at their primary and secondary schools for the target group of students aged 5-15.

Course delivery by Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Bulgaria to teachers

The teachers came from all over Bulgaria, showing there is interest in badminton. The Shuttle Time presentation was translated into the Bulgarian language to make the knowledge sharing easier. The teachers were also introduced to the basic strokes and games the Shuttle Time lesson plans cover. There were requests for the Shuttle Time materials to be made available in Bulgarian.

Some of the teachers were also active badminton players and helped National Coordinator of Shuttle Time Bulgaria Miroslav Valentinov Petrov in demonstrations to their counterparts unfamiliar with the sport.

Overall, it was a fun course and marked Bulgaria as the 152nd country to join the Shuttle Time Schools Programme.

Teachers enjoying the Balloon Tap lesson.