New Offerings from Shuttle Time

February 7, 2023

To facilitate quicker learning and wider uptake, BWF has updated the Shuttle Time Online Component, Shuttle Time University Course and Shuttle Time Youth Leadership workshop materials. This is to ensure that Shuttle Time activities provide participation opportunities to children and adults of all abilities, including those with physical and intellectual impairments.

Shuttle Time Online Component

The BWF’s online Shuttle Time component enables participants to engage with theoretical aspects of Shuttle Time in a fun and interactive way. Once the online component has been completed, participants will be eligible to attend a reduced face-to-face course, which covers the practical elements of Shuttle Time.

The BWF’s online Shuttle Time component aims to:

  • Familiarise users with badminton and the Shuttle Time programme.
  • Provide easy access to the theoretical aspects of Shuttle Time.
  • Reduce the requirement for participants to attend the Shuttle Time course to 1-2 days, through the provision of blended, online and face-to-face learning.
  • Present the content of Shuttle Time in a modern and interactive manner.

Upon completion of the online Shuttle Time component, participants will be able to download the certificate from the course homepage. The introduction of the online Shuttle Time component provides two methods by which participants can obtain a BWF Shuttle Time Teaching Certificate.

To register for the Shuttle Time component module, visit here.

Shuttle Time University Course

The BWF Shuttle Time University Course has been designed to offer International Certification to trainee teaching students, while providing the knowledge and support required to deliver fun, safe and enjoyable badminton lessons to groups of children aged 5-15.

Universities and colleges can apply to the BWF to express their interest in delivering this course to students. The Shuttle Time University Course covers both theory and practical work and is delivered in a modular format. The course was developed in consultation with university lecturers and Physical Education specialists, and can be broken down into 10 modules which all link to the Shuttle Time Teachers Manual and Lesson Plans. The course is most suitable for university and college students undertaking teaching, PE and sports-related courses.

Shuttle Time University Course materials are now updated in English and Spanish with the inclusivity elements and new languages (Portuguese and French).

Available for FREE on the BWF Shuttle Time website, please visit here. 

Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop

The BWF Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Workshop has been designed to allow school students aged 16-18 the opportunity to gain experience in sports leadership and badminton through Shuttle Time. The award aims to provide students with the knowledge and support required to deliver fun, safe, enjoyable and inclusive badminton lessons to groups of school pupils.

The materials are now available in three different languages: English, Spanish & French.